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Critical Care Nurses in Industry: Deserters or Leaders?
Beware of Transfusion-Related Confounders in Studies on Packed Red Blood Cells
Exclusion of Patients Limits Findings in Pulse Oximeter Study
Even Newer Directions
“The Rust of Life”: Impact of Anxiety on Critically, Acutely, and Chronically Ill Cardiac Patients
Pneumonia Observational Incidence and Treatment: A Multidisciplinary Process Improvement Study
Prevalence and Consequences of Nonadherence to Hemodialysis Regimens
Improving Survival After In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: The Australian Experience
Stressors and Anxiety in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Clinical Pearls
Utility of Observer-Rated and Self-Report Instruments for Detecting Major Depression in Women After Cardiac Surgery: A Pilot Study
Attitudes Toward and Beliefs About Family Presence: A Survey of Healthcare Providers, Patients' Families, and Patients
Evidence-Based Review and Discussion Points
Family Presence During CPR and Invasive Procedures
Evaluation of a Tobacco Cessation Curricular Intervention Among Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Faculty Members
Lessons From the Classics: Conflict and Tragedy in Critical Care at the End of Life
Iatrogenic Sick Sinus Syndrome
Cardiac Arrhythmias After Traumatic Amputation
The Ramsay Scale: Limited Interrater Reliability
Autonomic Nervous System Function During Deep and Light Sedation in Mechanically Ventilated Adults
Impact of Implementing a New Pain Assessment Tool for Nonverbal Patients in a Trauma Neurosurgical Critical Care Unit
Content Validity of the Cognitively Impaired Adult Pain Assessment Tool
Adaptation in Adults Living at Home With Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs)
Relationship Between Serum Glucose and Outcomes in Patients With Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Critical Care Nurses' Perceptions of Intensive Insulin Therapy
Clinically Significant Error in ICU Glucometer Testing From Hematocrit Effect Can Be Easily Corrected
Psychometric Testing of an Instrument to Assess Critical Care Nurses' Level of Comfort in Withdrawing Life Support
Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Therapy: Healthcare Provider Perspectives
Sleep Quality and Noise Disturbances in a Cardiac/Trauma Step-Down Unit
Perceptions of Intensive Care Nurses on Conventional Versus Alternative Measures to Restraints: An Exploratory Pilot Study
Improving Extubation Rates With Daily Spontaneous Breathing Trials
Weaning Patients From Mechanical Ventilation: Current Practice
Therapeutic Hypothermia Feasibility in a Critical, ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction, Postcardiac Arrest Population
A Stringent Oral Care Protocol and Its Effect on VAP in a Medical Intensive Care Unit
A Safety Profile for the Surviving Sepsis Campaign Initiative
Accuracy of Glucose Point-of-Care Testing: Fingerstick or Arterial Catheter Blood?
Accuracy of Thermodilution Cardiac Index Determination Using 2 Injectates Only
Activity in Critically Ill Individuals With Acute Pulmonary Dysfunction Receiving Narcotic and Sedative Medication
Ahh to Sleep … Perchance to Dream in a Medical Intensive Care Unit
Are Racial Disparities Evident in the Level of Care at the End of Life?
Can Communication Norms be Transformed?
Cardiovascular Dysfunction During Ventilator Weaning
Comparison of ICU Patients' Needs and Nurses' Perceived Needs of Their Patients
Critical Communication: Issues of Reporting and Documenting Details of Family Conferences
Effect of Oral Care Interventions on Dental Plaque in Mechanically Ventilated ICU Adults
Efficacy of the Providence Saint Vincent Medical Center Intensive Care Unit
Evaluation of 3 Pain Assessment Tools for Use With Critically Ill Adult Patients
Factors Associated With Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) Access Complications
Identification of the Needs of Family Members of Critically Ill Neuro Patients
Impact of an 8-Hour Educational Intervention for Development of Nurse Preceptors and Retention of Orientees
Incidence and Factors Related to Nursing Activities for Rebleeding of Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Keeping Patients Safe in the Coronary Care Unit: An Invisible Nursing Role in Recovering Medical Errors
Management of Pain in Cardiac Surgery ICU Patients: Have We Improved Over Time?
Meaningful Measures of Staff Satisfaction in Times of Turmoil
Measuring the Effects of Heated Humidification on Sputum Viscosity in the Spontaneously Breathing Tracheostomy Patient
Nurses' Thoughts on Evidence-Based Practice
Outcomes of Continuous Local Anesthetic Infusion at the Sternotomy for Pain Management After Cardiac Surgery
Successful Mentor-Mentee Relationships in Healthcare
The Effect of Certified RNs on Workgroup Satisfaction and Perceived Quality of Care in Critical Care Units
The Effect of HOB Elevation on Filling Pressures and Cardiac Index in Patients With Low Cardiac Index States
The Effect of Rest and Nonrest Periods on Physiological Stability, Sedation, and Agitation in Ventilated Patients
The Effectiveness of Advance Directives: Nurses Share Their Perspectives
The Effects of Body Position, Body Mass Index, and Body Fat Distribution on Resting Lung Volume
To Breathe: The Lived Experience of Mechanical Ventilation
Using the Synergy Model to Study Spirituality in Intermediate Care: Report of a Pilot Study
What Are Current Education and Training Practices of Nurses Caring for Patients Receiving Mechanical Ventilation?
Mobility Protocol Reduces Hospital Length of Stay Independent of Baseline Body Mass Index (< 18-45)
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Severe Sepsis and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome From Community-Acquired Legionella Pneumonia: Case Report