Promise and Pitfalls of the Electronic Health Record
Multidisciplinary Decision Making Needed for Patient Transfers
Communication is Key to Prevent Intensive Care Unit Conflicts
Healthy Work Environments and Infection Control
Use of the Braden Scale in the Intensive Care Unit
Placing Small-Bowel Feeding Tubes
Amiodarone and Phlebitis
Developing a New, National Approach to Surveillance for Ventilator-Associated Events
Parents' Report of Child's Response to Sibling's Death in a Neonatal or Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
CNE 1.0 Hour
The Critical Care Work Environment and Nurse-Reported Health Care-Associated Infections
CNE 1.0 Hour
Healthy Work Environments and Hais
Reevaluation of the Critical-Care Pain Observation Tool in Intubated Adults After Cardiac Surgery
Phlebitis in Amiodarone Administration: Incidence, Contributing Factors, and Clinical Implications
In-Hospital Mortality Prediction in Patients Receiving Mechanical Ventilation in Taiwan
Predictive Validity of the Braden Scale for Patients in Intensive Care Units
Elimination of Radiographic Confirmation for Small-Bowel Feeding Tubes in Critical Care
CNE 1.0 Hour
Does Music Ease Pain and Anxiety in the Critically Ill?
Neonatal Cardiac Monitoring
Education Directory
Massive Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage as a Complication of the Flexi-Seal Fecal Management System
Nurse to Bed Ratio and Nutrition Support in Critically Ill Patients
Anemia, Bleeding, and Blood Transfusion in the Intensive Care Unit: Causes, Risks, Costs, and New Strategies
CNE 1.0 Hour