The Promise of Personalized Care in the Intensive Care Unit
Clinical Pearls
Implementing an In Situ Mock Code Quality Improvement Program
Evidence-Based Review and Discussion Points
Silver-Impregnated Dressings for Sternotomy Incisions to Prevent Surgical Site Infections in Children
Sequential Organ Failure Assessment Score Modified for Recent Infection in Patients With Hematologic Malignant Tumors and Severe Sepsis
Recruitment and Retention Challenges of Examining Cognitive Dysfunction in Older Adults Hospitalized for Acute Heart Failure
The Synergy of Research and Practice
Quality Improvement Intervention to Decrease Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Organizational and Teamwork Factors of Tele-Intensive Care Units
Perceptions of Family Participation in Intensive Care Unit Rounds and Telemedicine: A Qualitative Assessment
Symptoms of Cardiac Anxiety in Family Members of Intensive Care Unit Patients
The New Sepsis Definitions: Implications for Critical Care Practitioners
Repolarization Alterations in a Genetic Disorder
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Nurses’ Perceptions of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Environment and Work Experience After Transition to Single-Patient Rooms