Doctors may yet save the world
An Eclectic Retrospective
Course on Inflammatory Skin Diseases
Dermatolopathology Course San Juan, Puerto Rico
SCUR Annual Meeting/International Dermatopathology Colloquium
Black-spot poison ivy dermatitis An acute irritant contact dermatitis superimposed upon an allergic contact dermatitis
Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus is not related to morphea A clinical and histologic study of 24 patients in whom both conditions were reputed to be present simultaneously
The discovery of Mycobacterium leprae A medical achievement in the light of evolving scientific methods
Sulzberger! Biography • Autobiography • Iconography A posthumous festschrift
To be brief
A painting of lepers by Hans Holbein the Elder
Three histologic fixatives for the demonstration of Mycobacterium leprae
The dynamics of desquamation
On the concept of distinctive exudative discoid and lichenoid chronic dermatosis (Sulzberger-Garbe)
Xerodermoid induced by photochemotherapy
No double standard for patient care
Mycobacterium leprae within a Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Poor Biopsy Technique
Spirochetosis in Ticks
Jews in Dermatology