Differentiation of Benign from Malignant Neoplasms by Silhouette
Proliferative Activity of Cutaneous Melanocytic Tumors Defined by Ki-67 Monoclonal Antibody
Nuclear Indices and Survival in Cutaneous Melanoma
Histogenesis of Extramammary and Mammary Paget Cells
Chronologic Aging in Black Skin
Histopathologic Pattern Analysis of Human Intracutaneous Tuberculin Reaction
Malignant Epithelioid Schwannoma of the Skin
Follicular Lymphoid Hyperplasia of the Skin with High Content of Ki-1 Positive Lymphocytes
Malignant Dermal Cylindroma in a Patient with Multiple Dermal Cylindromas, Trichoepitheliomas, and Bilateral Dermal Analogue Tumors of the Parotid Gland
Two Pyogenic Granulomas Arising in an Epidermoid Cyst
Eruptive Vellus Hair Cysts
Immunofluorescence and Electron Microscopic Findings in a Congenital Arrector Pili Hamartoma
In Memoriam
The Sayings of Arkadi M. Rywlin, M.D
The Legacies of Arkadi M. Rywlin, M.D
Malignant Melanoma in Light of the Multistep Theory of Neoplasia
Some Remarks on Dysplasia
French and German Words in Medical English