My Journal Is Smaller Than Your Journal
S-100 Protein-Negative Malignant Melanoma
Epithelial Markers in Malignant Melanoma
Karyometry of Primary and Metastatic Malignant Melanoma
Cutaneous Collision Tumors
Fibronectin, Laminin, Type IV Collagen Distribution, and Myofibroblastic Stromal Reaction in Aggressive and Nonaggressive Basal Cell Carcinoma
Clinical Application of Polymerase Chain Reaction Amplification to Diagnosis of Herpes Virus Infection
Human Eccrine Hamartoma of the Forearm-Antebrachial Organ of the Ringtailed Lemur (lemur catta) A Possible Phylogenetic Relationship?
Multiple Nevoid Spiradenomas
Primary Osteosarcoma of the Penis
Plexiform Schwannoma
Metastatic Epithelioid Sarcoma with an N-ras Oncogene Mutation
Malignant Melanoma within an Intradermal Nevus
Rhinophyma's Fibrous Variant
Lichen Planus with Predominant Plasma Cell Infiltrate
An Epidermal Proliferative Reaction Associated with a Silicone Gel Breast Implant
Reviews of Books in Medical Journals
A Critical Analysis of Textbooks of Dermatopathology in Historical Perspective
“The Interdependence of Dermatosurgery and Dermatopathology”
Nature of Keratoacanthoma
On Arthur Allen's Treatise, The Skin
Response of A.B. Ackerman
Capture of Abimael Guzman
The Merkel Cell
Dermal Melanocytes in Nevi
Dermatopathology Self-Assessment Workshop
VII International Congress of Pediatric Dermatology
Upcoming Examinations
3rd Dermatopathologic Colloquium of Giessen
One-Week Intensive Courses at the Institute for Dermatopathology at Jefferson Medical College
From Patient to Pipette—and Back Again
Joint Meeting of the British Society for Dermatopathology and the International Society of Dermatopathology (15th Colloquium)
A Symphony of Ideas about Dermatopathology— Original Observations and Novel Concepts
Histopathological Diagnosis of Cutaneous Inflammatory Diseases
Fifth Dermatopathology Self-Assessment Workshop
24th Annual ESDR Meeting
Dermatohistopathology Course in Munich
5th Annual Cancer Conference
International Society for Cutaneous Lymphomas