Synchronous Presence of Cellular Angiofibroma and Lipoma in Vulvoinguinal Region: A Unique Case Report

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A 26-year-old woman presented with a 7-month history of a slowly growing right-sided, well-circumscribed, subcutaneous, soft, painless, large vulvoinguinal lump that now measured up to 12 cm. Adjacent to but separate from this was a well-circumscribed, soft, painless, mobile, large inguinal tumor 8 cm in diameter that had been present unchanged for 2 years. Both lesions were completely excised. Histologically, the first mass was consistent with cellular angiofibroma, whereas the second one had the typical features of lipoma. According to the available literature, this is the first case of synchronous presence of cellular angiofibroma and lipoma in one patient.

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