Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma
Clear-Cell Melanocytic Lesions With Balloon-Cell and Sebocyte-like Melanocytes
Evaluation of the Role of Routine Melan-A Immunohistochemistry for Exclusion of Microinvasion in 120 Cases of Lentigo Maligna
CD99 Expression in Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans and Dermatofibroma
Subcutaneous Infiltrative Nodule at the Injection Site of Low-Molecular Weight Heparin Simulating Malignancy
Multicenter Case Series of Indolent Small/Medium-Sized CD8+ Lymphoid Proliferations With Predilection for the Ear and Face
Expression of Notch Signaling Components in Cutaneous Foreign Body and Sarcoidal Granulomas and Fusing Macrophages
Immunohistochemical Markers in Fibrohistiocytic Lesions
Cutaneous Plaques and Ulnar Neuropathy
Keratoacanthoma Clinical Behavior
Eccrine Poroma and Eccrine Porocarcinoma in Linear Epidermal Nevus
Negative Pigment Network and Shiny White Streaks
Cutaneous Plaques and Ulnar Neuropathy
Cavernous Hemangioma–Like Kaposi Sarcoma
The Use of Fluorescence Microscopy to Evaluate Elastic Fiber Pattern in Melanocytic Neoplasms
Osseous Metaplasia and Mature Bone Formation With Extramedullary Hematopoiesis in Trichilemmal Cyst
Difficulty in Confirming the Diagnosis of Bullous Amyloidosis
Supraorbital Cutaneous Fetal Rhabdomyoma of Intermediate Type
Proliferating Pagetoid Dyskeratosis
Intravascular Natural Killer Cell Lymphoma Mimicking Mycosis Fungoides