Severe upper extremity injuries in frontal automobile crashes
Lack of relationship between hypertension-associated symptoms and blood pressure in hypertensive ED patients
A comparison of emergency department versus inhospital chest pain observation units
A randomized, double-blind study comparing morphine with fentanyl in prehospital analgesia☆
Unreliability of reported tetanus vaccination histories
Retrograde endotracheal intubation
Is the presence of Trichomonas vaginalis a reliable predictor of coinfection with Chlamydia trachomatis and/or Neisseria gonorrhoeae in female ED patients?
Use of an emergency department by nonurgent patients☆
The duration of ventricular fibrillation required to produce pulseless electrical activity
Incidence and severity of recovery agitation after ketamine sedation in young adults
The Kleinert modified dorsal finger splint for mallet finger fracture
Canadian Headache Society criteria for the diagnosis of acute migraine headache in the ED—do our patients meet these criteria?
Validity of simple measurement to diagnose pupillary dilation☆
Orthopedic pitfalls
ED presentation of acute porphyria
Late postpartum eclampsia as an obstetric complication seen in the ED
The electrocardiographic toxidrome
Pneumatosis intestinalis and hepatic portal venous gas after CPR
Intubation without premedication may worsen outcome for unconsciousness patients with intracranial hemorrhage
Dental fracture risk of metal vs plastic laryngoscope blades in dental models☆
Propofol for deep procedural sedation in the ED☆
After the black box warning
Ultrasound for transcutaneous pacing
Transient ischemic attack associated with Metabolife 356 use
Can nurses appropriately interpret the Ottawa Ankle Rule?
Can nurses appropriately interpret the Ottawa Ankle Rule?
Inducing high levels of carbon monoxide in a tent
Carbon monoxide poisoning from a cooking stove in a tent
Carbon monoxide poisoning from a cooking stove in a tent
Hemoptysis caused by Hughes-Stovin syndrome
Use of emergency ultrasound in a rural ED with limited radiology services
Missed diagnosis of acute exertional compartment syndrome, occurring after a short run
A pregnant woman presenting to the ED with Valentino's syndrome
Adrenal hemorrhage mimicking an acute abdomen
Vibrio vulnificus—a rare but fulminant pathogen causing airway obstruction
Atrial septal defect
Syphilis screening in a high-risk, inner-city adolescent population
Outpatient delayed screening for patients with suspected deep vein thrombosis
Urachal abscess
Isolated extrahepatic bile duct rupture in blunt abdominal trauma
Health services use by older adults in an urban public health system
Nontraumatic tension pneumocephalus—a differential diagnosis of headache at the ED
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Major sport championship influence on ED gender census