The new and old definitions of acute myocardial infarction
Hyperglycemia in ED patients with no history of diabetes *,**
Alcohol misuse and report of recent depressive symptoms among ED patients *
Preferences for cardiac tests and procedures may partially explain sex but not race disparities
Delayed pneumothorax complicating minor rib fracture after chest trauma
N-Terminal pro B-type natriuretic peptide testing for short-term prognosis in breathless older adults *
Differing prevalence estimates of elevated blood pressure in ED patients using 4 methods of categorization *
Alteration in prehospital drug concentration after thermal exposure *
Thymosin alpha 1 provides short-term and long-term benefits in the reimplantation of avulsed teeth
Atenolol in combination with epinephrine improves the initial outcome of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a swine model of ventricular fibrillation *
Bedside ultrasound of the lung for the monitoring of acute decompensated heart failure *
Perpetrators of intimate partner violence use significantly more methamphetamine, cocaine, and alcohol than victims
Are needle decompressions for tension pneumothoraces being performed appropriately for appropriate indications?
Does weight force application to the lower torso have an influence on inferior vena cava and cardiovascular parameters?
Acute group poisoning by titanium dioxide
Ophthalmic diagnoses in the ED
The prohibition on shocking apparent asystole
Comments on “Can clear ascitic fluid appearance rule out spontaneous bacterial peritonitis?” by Chinnock and Hendey
Comments on “Can clear ascitic fluid appearance rule out spontaneous bacterial peritonitis?” by Chinnock and Hendey
The potential contribution of laboratory biomarkers to the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism
A new cardiopulmonary resuscitation method using only rhythmic abdominal compression is hard
Pheochromocytomas in aortic dissection patients
Ultrasound-guided interscalene block
Ultrasound-guided interscalene block
Myocarditis after black widow spider envenomation
The “gastric fluid” sign
Delayed necrotizing acalculous cholecystitis after multiple trauma
Acute aortic dissection with painless paraplegia
Massive pulmonary embolism with anterolateral ST-segment elevation
Extrapontine myelinolysis after correction of hyponatremia presenting as generalized tonic seizures
Severe intracranial and intraspinal subarachnoid hemorrhage after lumbar puncture
Complete fracture-dislocation of the thoracolumbar spine without paraplegia
Fatal intoxication with imidacloprid insecticide
Fatal myocardial infarction after hydrochloric acid ingestion in a suicide attempt
Acute renal failure, neuropathy, and myopathy after ingestion of dipropylene glycol fog solution
Myocardial infarction after near drowning
Management of femoral fracture in a patient with essential thrombocythemia treated with plateletpheresis and intramedullary rod fixation, followed by hydroxyurea
Acute respiratory failure associated with polymethyl methacrylate pulmonary emboli after percutaneous vertebroplasty
Wandering spleen presenting as bleeding gastric varices
Amyand hernia
Acute streptococcal myopericarditis mimicking myocardial infarction
Late presentation of blunt right diaphragmatic rupture (hepatic hernia)
An unusual complication of a successful cardiopulmonary reanimation
Pediatric hemoptysis with pulmonary hemorrhage and respiratory failure