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Relationship between racial disparities in ED wait times and illness severity☆,☆☆
Increased observation services in Medicare beneficiaries with chest pain
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Paraoxanase as an indicator of myocardial ischemia and its utility in determining extension of ischemia☆,☆☆
The effects of proximal and distal routes of intraosseous epinephrine administration on short-term resuscitative outcome measures in an adult swine model of ventricular fibrillation: a randomized controlled study☆,☆☆,★
Utility of gum-elastic bougie for tracheal intubation during chest compressions in a manikin: a randomized crossover trial☆,☆☆
Comparison of chest compression interruption times across 2 automated devices: a randomized, crossover simulation study☆,☆☆,★
Association of triage time Shock Index, Modified Shock Index, and Age Shock Index with mortality in Emergency Severity Index level 2 patients☆,☆☆,★
Use of capnographs to assess quality of pediatric ventilation with 3 different airway modalities
Outcomes of warfarinized patients with minor head injury and normal initial CT scan
ECG abnormalities predict neurogenic pulmonary edema in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage☆,☆☆
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Bougie-assisted tube thoracostomy placement: a novel technique☆,☆☆
Double-lumen tube tracheal intubation in a manikin model using the VivaSight Double Lumen: a randomized controlled comparison with the Macintosh laryngoscope☆
Self-assessment of hunger among ED patients with abdominal pain: lack of association with disease severity☆,☆☆
Comparison of exchange of laryngeal mask airway and Igel for tracheal tube using Eschmann Tracheal Tube Introducer during simulated resuscitation☆,☆☆,★
Are junior doctors trained to use to use intraosseous access?
South African flag sign: a teaching tool for easier ECG recognition of high lateral infarct
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Bilateral spontaneous atraumatic rupture of the Achilles tendon in an athlete
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Superwarfarin ingestion treated successfully with prothrombin complex concentrate☆,☆☆
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Luc abscess: an extraordinary complication of acute otitis media
A very rare paroxysmal symptom in multiple sclerosis: convergence spasm☆
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Hyperthermia and severe rhabdomyolysis from synthetic cannabinoids
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Successful use of targeted temperature management in pregnancy after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest☆