Bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation training experience and self-efficacy of age and gender group: a nationwide community survey
A comparison of the McGrath-MAC and Macintosh laryngoscopes for child tracheal intubation during resuscitation by paramedics. A randomized, crossover, manikin study☆,☆☆
The impact of a freestanding ED on a regional emergency medical services system☆,☆☆,★
Optimal dosing of intravenous ketamine for procedural sedation in children in the ED—a randomized controlled trial☆,☆☆,★
A prediction model to identify patients without a concerning intraabdominal diagnosis☆,☆☆
Diagnostic performance of initial serum lactate for predicting bacteremia in female patients with acute pyelonephritis☆,☆☆
Comparison of near-infrared spectroscopy and head CT interpretations of the ED patients with minor head injury
Hypoalbuminemia predicts clinical outcome in patients with type B acute aortic dissection after endovascular therapy
Prospective validation of a biomarker panel to identify pediatric ED patients with abdominal pain who are at low risk for acute appendicitis☆,☆☆,★
Routine biological tests in self-poisoning patients: results from an observational prospective multicenter study☆,☆☆,★
Intralipid™ administration attenuates the hypotensive effects of acute intravenous amiodarone overdose in a swine model☆,☆☆
Serious conditions for ED elderly fall patients: a secondary analysis of the Basel Non-Specific Complaints study
Prevalence and risk factors for central diabetes insipidus in cardiac arrest survivor treated with targeted temperature management☆
The effectiveness of a newly developed reduction method of anterior shoulder dislocations; Sool's method☆,☆☆,☆☆☆,★,★★
Outcomes of emergency department placement of transvenous pacemakers☆
Health care–associated acute pyelonephritis is associated with inappropriate empiric antibiotic therapy in the ED☆
A clinical score to obviate the need for cardiac stress testing in patients with acute chest pain and negative troponins☆,☆☆
Critical access hospital ED to quaternary medical center: successful implementation of an integrated Picture Archiving and Communications System for patient transfers by air and sea☆
Electrocardiography changes in acute aortic dissection—association with troponin leak, coronary anatomy, and prognosis☆,☆☆
Right-sided electrocardiogram usage in acute pulmonary embolism
Do not waste your time: straight to magnetic resonance imaging for pediatric burners and stingers☆,☆☆
Initial mechanical ventilator settings and lung protective ventilation in the ED☆,☆☆
Intravenous lipid emulsion in the resuscitation of cocaine-induced cardiovascular arrest in a rat model☆,☆☆,★
Accuracy of trans-abdominal ultrasound in a simulated massive acute overdose☆
Ketoprofen gel improves low back pain in addition to IV dexketoprofen: a randomized placebo-controlled trial☆,☆☆,★
Factors associated with ED length of stay during a mass casualty incident☆,☆☆
Neurologic outcome of comatose survivors after hanging: a retrospective multicenter study☆
Comparison of serum sodium levels measured by blood gas analyzer and biochemistry autoanalyzer in patients with hyponatremia, eunatremia, and hypernatremia☆
Fresh frozen plasma is permissive for systemic inflammatory response syndrome, infection, and sepsis in multiple-injured patients
Safety and efficacy of pharmacological cardioversion of recent-onset atrial fibrillation: a single-center experience
Surfing USA: an epidemiological study of surfing injuries presenting to US EDs 2002 to 2013
Ulinastatin ameliorates gastrointestinal injury sustained in a 2-hit porcine model of septic shock☆,☆☆,★
A critical analysis of unplanned ICU transfer within 48 hours from ED admission as a quality measure☆
Activation of autophagy improved the neurologic outcome after cardiopulmonary resuscitation in rats☆
When to activate a multidisciplinary team for an acute abdominal aortic aneurysm?☆
The effect of surgical consult in the treatment of abdominal pain in older adults in the ED☆
Routine tests and automated urinalysis in patients with suspected urinary tract infection at the ED
Desmopressin effectiveness in renal colic pain management: Systematic review and meta-analysis☆,☆☆,★
The relation between monocyte to HDL ratio and no-reflow phenomenon in the patients with acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction
Liberatory vertigo: a new prognostic factor for repositioning maneuvers
Efficacy of loop diuretics in the management of undocumented patients with end-stage renal disease☆
Outcome of nonsurgical intervention in patients with perforated peptic ulcers☆
Assessment of oxidative stress after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
External validation of the STONE score and derivation of the modified STONE score☆,☆☆
Cost-effectiveness of point-of-care testing for dehydration in the pediatric ED☆,☆☆,★
The accuracy of point-of-care ultrasound as a diagnostic tool for patella fractures
High-sensitivity troponin and right ventricular function in acute pulmonary embolism
Prognostic value of gray matter to white matter ratio in hypoxic and non-hypoxic cardiac arrest with non-cardiac etiology☆
High immunoglobulin E values at admission predict mortality in ED patients with sepsis
Outcome of patients receiving CPR in the ED of an urban academic hospital☆
ED pharmacist monitoring of provider antibiotic selection aids appropriate treatment for outpatient UTI☆,☆☆
Quality between mechanical compression on reducible stretcher versus manual compression on standard stretcher in small elevator☆
STEMI notification by EMS predicts shorter door-to-balloon time and smaller infarct size☆
webPOISONCONTROL: can poison control be automated?☆,☆☆,★
Suicide attempts presenting to trauma centers: trends across age groups using the National Trauma Data Bank☆,☆☆,★
Postsplinting x-rays of nondisplaced hand, wrist, ankle, and foot fractures are unnecessary
The utility of noninvasive nasal positive pressure ventilators for optimizing oxygenation during rapid sequence intubation
A guideline for differential diagnosis between septic arthritis and transient synovitis in the ED: a Delphi survey☆,☆☆,★,★★,☆☆☆,★★★,☆☆☆☆
Emergency physician–performed transesophageal echocardiography for extracorporeal life support vascular cannula placement☆
Emergency transport of stroke suspects in a rural state: opportunities for improvement☆,☆☆,★
Failure of antibiotics in cellulitis trials: a systematic review and meta-analysis☆,☆☆,★,★★
Diaphragmatic excursion measurement in emergency patients with acute dyspnea: toward a new diagnostic tool?
Are the current guideline recommendations for neonatal cardiopulmonary resuscitation safe and effective?☆,☆☆,★
Health care waste prevention: are guidelines the solution or the problem?
The Orthopedic Literature 2015
Shared decision making in the ED: ethical considerations☆,☆☆
Assessment of the LifeVac, an anti-choking device, on a human cadaver with complete airway obstruction
Risk of transfusion-related acute lung injury after blood products transfusions
Ultrasound-guided peripheral vein cannulation
Propofol administration for procedural sedation in the ED
The association between prehospital transportation and clinical outcomes in patients with non–STEMI☆
Interrater agreement of emergency medicine milestone levels: resident self-evaluation vs clinical competency committee consensus☆,☆☆,★
The influence of air pollutants on appearance of acute myocardial infarction in the region with humid continental climate☆,☆☆
Body mass index is associated with inappropriate tidal volumes in adults intubated in the ED☆,☆☆
Variability of limb measurements performed by emergency medicine nurses in a simulated Crotalinae envenomation☆,☆☆
Stroke prevention for patients with atrial fibrillation: values and preferences of Canadian emergency medicine trainees
Underuse of information about timing and triggers in diagnosing dizziness in EDs☆
More than 15 minutes of resuscitation prior to termination of resuscitation results in undue harm to the public health☆,☆☆
Hyperthermia and Severe Rhabdomyolysis From Synthetic Cannabinoids Am J Emerg Med 2016;34:121.e1-2. Doi: 10.1016/j.Ajem.2015.05.052. Epub 2015 Jun 12
Hyperthermia, Rhabdomyolysis and Synthetic Cannabinoids - the authors respond
An overview on catheter-directed option for pulmonary embolism treatment
Beneficial action of magnesium sulfate in bronchial asthma: how and why?
Possibility of lip pulling method not only for prevention of soft tissue injury but also for improved laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation
Investigation of force received at the upper teeth by video laryngoscopy
When ultrasound approach is worse, something is suspicious…
Anatomic landmark versus ultrasound approach to crycothyroidotomy: The author responds
Application of LMA Classic for anesthetized, paralyzed children weighing 20 kg: comparison between size 2 and size 2.5☆,☆☆
Accuracy of bedside ultrasonography for the diagnosis of phalanx fractures☆
Ischemia modified albumin in cardiovascular disease☆
Bicyclists found at fault for bicycle crashes in California☆,☆☆
Dimension reduction: perihematomal edema diameter as a predictive indicator of 30-day mortality of intracranial hematoma
Reply to “Dimension reduction: perihematomal edema diameter as a predictive indicator of 30-day mortality of intracranial hematoma”☆
The treatment for maternal supraventricular tachyarrhythmia in pregnant patients in ED practice
Provider familiarity with specialty society guidelines for risk stratification and management of patients with febrile neutropenia☆,☆☆,★
Succinylcholine, rocuronium, and hyperkalemia☆
Succinylcholine in ED Patients With Unanticipated Hyperkalemia: The authors respond
Are firefighters able to perform intraosseous access and start fluid resuscitation in an anaphylactic patient?☆
Randomized crossover comparison of the AirTraq Avant® to the Macintosh laryngoscope for intubation with during simulated resuscitation by novice physicians☆
The ability of firefighters to recognize carbon monoxide poisoning☆
Ultrasound-accelerated rheolytic thrombectomy for impending paradoxical embolism
Gold rules for pediatric endotracheal intubation☆
Socioeconomic status, prehospital delay, and acuity of illness on presentation☆,☆☆,★
Forgotten predictors in sepsis
Stroke prevention in real-life practice
Health and wellness among emergency physicians: results of the 2014 ABEM longitudinal study
Moving away from Kayexalate, sodium polystyrene sulfate
Influence of peripheral venous catheter size and resident postgraduate years on success of peripheral venous catheterization☆,☆☆
Ultrasound-guided supracondylar radial nerve block for Colles Fractures in the ED☆
Thrombolysis in pulmonary embolism: full-dose, low-dose, or catheter-directed thrombolysis?
Comparison of Airtraq and Miller laryngoscopes for intubation in patients with inline manual neck stabilization☆
The focused assessment with computed tomography for trauma: competency of emergency physicians
Nurses’ knowledge and attitudes toward intraosseous access: preliminary data☆
Comparison of Macintosh and Intubrite laryngoscopes for orotracheal intubation by nurses during resuscitation: preliminary data of a randomized crossover simulation-based study☆
Plasma lactate and blood alcohol levels
Plasma lactate and blood alcohol levels: the author responds☆
Ultrasound-guided ulnar nerve block for boxer fractures☆
Compliance with centers for disease control guidelines for ED patients with sexually transmitted diseases☆
Which laryngoscope method should inexperienced intubators use for child intubation?☆
Nontraumatic splenic rupture as the initial manifestation of acute myeloid leukemia in emergency department☆,☆☆,★
The most dangerous complication of intranasal cocaine abuse in a young man: cardiac arrest☆
Barium appendicitis☆,☆☆
The use of intravenous lipid emulsion therapy in acute methamphetamine toxicity
Isolated dorsal dislocations of the talonavicular and calcaneocuboid articulations (Chopart joints) from a low-energy mechanism
Hemidiaphragmatic paresis associated with brachial plexus blockade: a common adverse effect masquerading as cardiopulmonary disease☆,☆☆
Pulmonary contusion post needle aspiration of primary spontaneous pneumothorax☆
A must diagnosis of persistent cough: chronic eosinophilic pneumonia (Carrington disease)
Toxic shock syndrome due to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection after a pediatric scald burn
Status epilepticus and type 2 myocardial infarction
Thrombotic complications following the administration of high-dose prothrombin complex concentrate for acute warfarin reversal☆
Discontinuing oral anti-coagulants in a patient with a cardiac valve prosthesis after a traumatic intracranial hemorrhage
Gadolinium-based contrast agent anaphylaxis, a unique presentation of acute abdominal pain
Brucella -induced sublingual abscess causes acute shortness of breath
Brugada electrocardiogram pattern induced by cannabis; is cannabis safe?
Successful therapeutic hypothermia for children surviving near-hanging☆,☆☆
Axillary artery laceration after an anterior shoulder dislocation presenting as hypovolemic shock☆
Clenbuterol causing non–ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction in a teenage female desiring to lose weight: case and brief literature review
Big atria, little P waves: unexpected mismatch between chamber volume and electrocardiogram signal in “false” atrial fibrillation☆
Emergent diagnosis and management of TASER penetrating ocular injury☆,☆☆
Erratum to “Serial change of C1 inhibitor in patients with sepsis—a preliminary report” [Volume 34, Issue 3, March 2016, pages 594-598],