Baseline disease is a more important predictor of intestinal necrosis than CT findings in patients with acute mesenteric ischemia ☆
Addition of a biomarker panel to a clinical score to identify patients at low risk for appendicitis ☆,☆☆
Effect of bed width on the quality of compressions in simulated resuscitation: a randomized crossover manikin study ☆
Development of a clinical prediction score for congestive heart failure diagnosis in the emergency care setting: The Brest score
Favorable neurological outcomes by early epinephrine administration within 19 minutes after EMS call for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients
Presenting hemodynamic phenotypes in ED patients with confirmed sepsis ☆,☆☆,★
Evaluation of proadrenomedullin as a diagnostic or prognostic biomarker of acute appendicitis in children ☆,☆☆
Use of dynamic CT attenuation value for diagnosis of acute gangrenous cholecystitis ☆,☆☆,★
Determination of the chest wall thicknesses and needle thoracostomy success rates at second and fifth intercostal spaces: a cadaver-based study ☆
The prognostic importance of thiol/disulfide homeostasis in patients with acute pulmonary thromboembolism
Variation in advanced imaging for pediatric patients with abdominal pain discharged from the ED ☆,☆☆
Incidence and clinical features of intracranial hemorrhage causing out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: a multicenter retrospective study
CT interpretations in multiply injured patients: comparison of emergency physicians and on-call radiologists
The quantitative evaluation of intracranial pressure by optic nerve sheath diameter/eye diameter CT measurement ☆,☆☆
Comprehensive interpretation of hyperglycemia and hyperosmolality on the clinical outcomes among ischemic stroke patients ☆,☆☆
Usefulness of the thrombolysis in myocardial infarction risk index in acute heart failure: a pilot study
Does practice make perfect? Prospectively comparing effects of 2 amounts of practice on tourniquet use performance ☆,☆☆,★
ED triage pain protocol reduces time to receiving analgesics in patients with painful conditions ☆
Initial end-tidal CO2 partial pressure predicts outcomes of in-hospital cardiac arrest ☆
Optimal wrist positioning for radial arterial cannulation in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Investigation of oxidant and antioxidant levels in patients with acute stroke in the emergency service
Is retrograde intubation more successful than direct laryngoscopic technique in difficult endotracheal intubation? ☆,☆☆
Has the rescheduling of hydrocodone changed ED prescribing practices? ☆,☆☆,★
Impact of prospective verification of intravenous antibiotics in an ED ☆
Cumulative effective radiation dose received by blunt trauma patients arriving to a military level I trauma center from point of injury and interhospital transfers ☆,☆☆
Comparing posteroanterior with lateral and anteroposterior chest radiography in the initial detection of parapneumonic effusions ☆,☆☆,★
Utilization of a gum elastic bougie to facilitate single lung intubation ☆,☆☆
Relationship between chest compression depth and novice rescuer body weight during cardiopulmonary resuscitation ☆,☆☆
Favorable outcome of blood urea nitrogen/creatinine–based hydration therapy 3 months after acute ischemic stroke
The impact of push-dose phenylephrine use on subsequent preload expansion in the ED setting ☆
Accuracy of rapid sequence intubation medication dosing in obese patients intubated in the ED ☆,☆☆,★,★★
Chemical agents for the sedation of agitated patients in the ED: a systematic review ☆,☆☆
Use and implementation of standard operating procedures and checklists in prehospital emergency medicine: a literature review ☆
A dedicated palliative care nurse improves access to palliative care and hospice services in an urban ED ☆
Acute dyspnea by diaphragmatic excursion: practicality sustainable in ED?
Bacterial meningitis without pleocytosis ☆,☆☆
Frailty defined by the SHARE Frailty Instrument and adverse outcomes after an ED visit ☆,☆☆,★
Impact of concierges on ED revisits and outpatient follow-up
Retrospective study of compliance with secondary survey standards in management of major trauma patients ☆
Tracheal intubation with a Macintosh laryngoscope with and without chest compressions, performed by nurses
What have we learned from early goal-directed therapy?
Impending anterior myocardial infarction: de Winter syndrome ☆
Potentially missed acute pericarditis: atypical pericarditis
McGrath-MAC vs Macintosh laryngoscopes for child tracheal intubation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation ☆,☆☆,★,★★
Videolaryngoscopy or direct laryngoscopy for child tracheal intubation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Procalcitonin levels predict identification of bacterial strains in blood cultures of septic patients: effect measures of association
Predictive validity of different versions of the Triage Risk Screening Tool ☆
Endotracheal intubation during manual inline cervical stabilization performed by nurses ☆
Superior mesenteric artery dissection does not necessarily mean acute mesenteric ischemia ☆
Normal anion gap metabolic acidosis in salicylate overdose
Are firefighters able to perform blind endotracheal intubation via LMA Fastrach? An experimental study ☆
The variability of statewide prehospital drug-facilitated intubation protocols in the United States ☆
Retroorbital optic nerve cysticercosis ☆
Cerebral edema induced by hyperammonemia: a case report
Unexpected survival of sudden cardiac arrest patient with large multiple brain infarction after therapeutic hypothermia ☆
Fatal hemopericardium after intravenous recombinant transplasminogeen activator (rt-PA) for acute ischemic stroke
Intermediate- to high-risk pulmonary embolism with normal B-type natriuretic peptide
Bilateral facial paralysis in a non-Hodgkin lymphoma during remission period: a rare but an important condition to be investigated ☆
Point-of-care ultrasound in pediatric small bowel obstruction: an ED case series ☆,☆☆
Dieulafoy lesion: the little known sleeping giant of gastrointestinal bleeds
Complications of atrial myxoma ☆
Spontaneous pneumorrhachis ☆
Fulminant hepatic failure requiring liver transplantation due to accidental alcohol ingestion in a 7-month-old baby
ST elevation in massive pulmonary embolism: thrombolysis vs percutaneous catheter intervention ☆
Saddle embolism diagnosed by point-of-care transthoracic echocardiography before computed tomography angiogram of the chest ☆,☆☆
Hypertrophic pachymeningitis of the craniocervical junction mimicking acute epiglottitis ☆,☆☆
When to expect aortoduodenal fistula as a cause of abdominal pain in ED patients
Triple setup airway—simultaneous oropharyngeal, surgical, and ECMO preparation ☆
Pediatric clotiapine poisoning: clinical manifestations and toxicokinetics ☆,☆☆
Continuous renal replacement therapy—the new treatment of seriously hyperglycemia ☆,☆☆,★
Salvage of upper extremity in an aggressive case of Pasteurella multocida infection
A case of spontaneous coronary artery dissection with ST elevation in aVR and posterior leads ☆,☆☆,★