Salmonellacolitis as an unusual cause of elevated serum lipase

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Authors and clinicians advocate lipase as the preferred serological test for the diagnosis for acute pancreatitis. While acute pancreatitis is among the differential diagnosis for elevated lipase levels, several other causes of elevated lipase levels have been identified including several reports Salmonella species as a causative agent. There also have been retrospective studies that have reported clinical pancreatitis associated with Salmonella infection. These studies concluded that clinical pancreatitis should be considered as a complication of Salmonella infections. However, Salmonella infections may induce elevated pancreatic enzyme levels without clinical pancreatitis or morphological pancreatic abnormalities through a variety of proposed mechanisms. The following is a case that describes a patient who developed Salmonella colitis and demonstrated elevated serum lipase levels without clinical pancreatitis.

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