Early sepsis bundle compliance for non-hypotensive patients with intermediate versus severe hyperlactemia
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Simple method for obtaining the optimal laryngoscopic view in children: A prospective observational study
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Lack of utility of measuring serum bilirubin concentration in distinguishing perforation status of pediatric appendicitis
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Application of SOFA score as a predict tool for mortality of delayed admission to ICU on patients with acute respiratory failure
Authors respond to Both qSOFA score and bedside plasma lactate are the predictors of mortality for patients with infections in ED
Cost analysis of the History, ECG, Age, Risk factors, and initial Troponin (HEART) Pathway randomized control trial
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Low dose ketamine in the age of opioids
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Oligo-evidence for antiemetic efficacy in the emergency department
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Reply to: Fluid resuscitation of trauma patients: How much fluid is enough to determine the patient's response?
The authors’ respond the letter: Fluid resuscitation of trauma patients: How much fluid is enough to determine the patient's response?
Comparing performance of Macintosh and Intubrite laryngoscopes for intubation
Comparison of the Intubrite and Macintosh laryngoscopes in a difficult airway scenario
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Os subtibiale and secondary ossification center of medial malleolus are two different entities
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Some questions on Shenfu injection for patients with sepsis
I-gel O2 resus pack, a rescue device in case of severe facial injury and difficult intubation
Erratum to “Real-time tidal volume feedback guides optimal ventilation during simulated CPR” [Am J Emerg Med 35(2) (2017) 292–29],
Unilateral sixth nerve palsy
Septic shock without hyperlactatemia
Post-partum hemorrhage complicated by reverse-Takotsubo cardiogenic shock; a novel therapeutic approach
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