Prisoner Survival Inside and Outside of the Institution
Invited Commentary
The Effect of Distance to Health-Care Facilities on Childhood Mortality in Rural Burkina Faso
Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and Risks of Colon and Rectal Cancer in Finnish Men
Hormone-related Risk Factors and Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Among Nulliparous Versus Parous Women
Physical Activity, Television Viewing Time, and Retinal Microvascular Caliber
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Prenatal Application of the Individualized Fetal Growth Reference
Questionnaire Predictors of Atopy in a US Population Sample
Using Imputed Genotypes for Relative Risk Estimation in Case-Parent Studies
Predictors of Measurement Error in Energy Intake During Pregnancy
Limitation of Inverse Probability-of-Censoring Weights in Estimating Survival in the Presence of Strong Selection Bias
Usual Physical Activity and Hip Fracture in Older Men
Validation of a Small Set of Ancestral Informative Markers for Control of Population Admixture in African Americans
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