Influenza Transmission in Households During the 1918 Pandemic
Basic Subsistence Needs and Overall Health Among Human Immunodeficiency Virus-infected Homeless and Unstably Housed Women
Invited Commentary
Riley et al. Respond to “Co-occurring Health Conditions and Life Challenges”
Association of Small Artery Elasticity With Incident Cardiovascular Disease in Older Adults
Metropolitan-Level Racial Residential Segregation and Black-White Disparities in Hypertension
A Prospective Study of Bowel Movement Frequency and Risk of Parkinson’s Disease
Associations of Cigarette Smoking and Alcohol Consumption With Advanced or Multiple Colorectal Adenoma Risks
Cigarette Smoking, Passive Smoking, and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Risk
Associations of High-Grade Glioma With Glioma Risk Alleles and Histories of Allergy and Smoking
Population Attributable Fractions of Adenocarcinoma of the Esophagus and Gastroesophageal Junction
Evaluation and Comparison of Food Records, Recalls, and Frequencies for Energy and Protein Assessment by Using Recovery Biomarkers
Methods for Characterizing Differences in Longitudinal Glomerular Filtration Rate Changes Between Children With Glomerular Chronic Kidney Disease and Those With Nonglomerular Chronic Kidney Disease
Performance of Disease Risk Scores, Propensity Scores, and Traditional Multivariable Outcome Regression in the Presence of Multiple Confounders
The Impact of Saturable Metabolism on Exposure-Response Relations in 2 Studies of Benzene-induced Leukemia
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