Association Between Housing Affordability and Mental Health
Longitudinal Health Study of US 1991 Gulf War Veterans
Racial and Ethnic Differences in All-Cause Mortality Risk According to Alcohol Consumption Patterns in the National Alcohol Surveys
Socioeconomic Differences in Cardiometabolic Factors
Hypertension Status, Treatment, and Control Among Spousal Pairs in a Middle-aged Adult Cohort
Blood Pressure in Different Gestational Trimesters, Fetal Growth, and the Risk of Adverse Birth Outcomes
Intake of Probiotic Food and Risk of Preeclampsia in Primiparous Women
Nutrients and Genetic Variation Involved in One-Carbon Metabolism and Hodgkin Lymphoma Risk
Geographic Variation in Colorectal Cancer Survival and the Role of Small-Area Socioeconomic Deprivation
Silicosis Mortality With Respiratory Tuberculosis in the United States, 1968–2006
The Next PAGE in Understanding Complex Traits
Use of Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results-Medicare Data to Conduct Case-Control Studies of Cancer Among the US Elderly
Epidemiology in Public Health Practice
Design and Analysis of Vaccine Studies
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