Coffee Consumption and Risk of Stroke
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Table of contents
Coffee and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Epidemiology of Down Syndrome
Relation Between Clinical Depression Risk and Physical Activity and Time Spent Watching Television in Older Women
Associations of Birth Order With Early Growth and Adolescent Height, Body Composition, and Blood Pressure
Association of Body Mass Index With Peripheral Arterial Disease in Older Adults
Prospective Study of Alcohol Consumption Quantity and Frequency and Cancer-Specific Mortality in the US Population
Comparing Shingles Incidence and Complication Rates From Medical Record Review and Administrative Database Estimates
On the Pitfalls of Adjusting for Gestational Age at Birth
Missing Data Methods in Mendelian Randomization Studies With Multiple Instruments
Misuse of the Linear Mixed Model When Evaluating Risk Factors of Cognitive Decline
Comparison of Different Approaches to Confounding Adjustment in a Study on the Association of Antipsychotic Medication With Mortality in Older Nursing Home Patients