Association Between Total Number of Deaths, Diabetes Mellitus, Incident Cancers, and Haplotypes in Chromosomal Region 8q24 in a Prospective Study
Invited Commentary
Female Reproductive Factors, Gene Polymorphisms in the Estrogen Metabolism Pathway, and Risk of Lung Cancer in Chinese Women
White Blood Cell Count and Risk of Gastric Cancer Incidence in a General Japanese Population
Apolipoprotein E Gene Associations in Age-related Macular Degeneration
Risks of Drug-Related Death, Suicide, and Homicide During the Immediate Post-Release Period Among People Released From New York City Jails, 2001–2005
Economic Conditions and Suicide Rates in New York City
Menstrual Bleeding Patterns Among Regularly Menstruating Women
Offspring Birth Weight and Cardiovascular Risk in Parents—A Population-based HUNT 2 Study
Seasonal Variation of Chemical Species Associated With Short-Term Mortality Effects of PM2.5 in Xi’an, a Central City in China
On the Relations Between Excess Fraction, Attributable Fraction, and Etiologic Fraction
Religious Service Attendance and Major Depression
Derivation and Validation of a Prediction Rule for Estimating Advanced Colorectal Neoplasm Risk in Average-Risk Chinese
Principles of Applied Statistics
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