Tools for Innovative Thinking in Epidemiology
Methods for Meta-Analyses of Genome-wide Association Studies
Is Cognitive Aging Predicted by One’s Own or One’s Parents’ Educational Level? Results From the Three-City Study
Is Cognitive Aging Predicted by Educational Level?
Glymour et al. Respond to “Is Cognitive Aging Predicted by Educational Level?”
The Association of Ambient Air Pollution With Airway Inflammation in Schoolchildren
Association of Repeated Exposure to Antibiotics With the Development of Pediatric Crohn’s Disease—A Nationwide, Register-based Finnish Case-Control Study
Weight Cycling and Mortality in a Large Prospective US Study
Mortality Prediction by Surrogates of Body Composition
Adiposity, Its Related Biologic Risk Factors, and Suicide
Impact of Age at Smoking Initiation, Dosage, and Time Since Quitting on Cardiovascular Disease in African Americans and Whites
Uptake of Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccination Among Working-age Adults With Underlying Medical Conditions, United States, 2009
Derivation and Validation of the Denver Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Risk Score for Targeted HIV Screening
Adjusting for Partial Verification or Workup Bias in Meta-Analyses of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies
Epidemiology and the People’s Health
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