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Perfluorinated Compounds in Relation to Birth Weight in the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study
Are Children With Birth Defects at Higher Risk of Childhood Cancers?
Associations Between Dietary Patterns and Head and Neck Cancer
Hormone Therapy and Different Ovarian Cancers
Role of Tobacco Use in the Etiology of Acoustic Neuroma
Association Between Arsenic Exposure From Drinking Water and Plasma Levels of Cardiovascular Markers
Assessing the Influence of Traffic-related Air Pollution on Risk of Term Low Birth Weight on the Basis of Land-Use-based Regression Models and Measures of Air Toxics
Socioeconomic Status, Structural and Functional Measures of Social Support, and Mortality
Differential Associations Between the Food Environment Near Schools and Childhood Overweight Across Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Grade
Propensity Score Calibration in the Absence of Surrogacy
Results on Differential and Dependent Measurement Error of the Exposure and the Outcome Using Signed Directed Acyclic Graphs