A Note From the Editor-in-Chief
Is the Health Burden Associated With Obesity Changing?
Soy Food Intake and Risk of Lung Cancer
Association Between Glucose Tolerance Level and Cancer Death in a General Japanese Population
Arsenic Exposure, Diabetes Prevalence, and Diabetes Control in the Strong Heart Study
Assessment of Changes in Risk Behaviors During 3 Years of Posttrial Follow-up of Male Circumcision Trial Participants Uncircumcised at Trial Closure in Rakai, Uganda
Obesity, Assisted Reproductive Technology, and Early Preterm Birth—Florida, 2004–2006
Neighborhood Determinants of 2009 Pandemic A/H1N1 Influenza Vaccination in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Cohort Mortality Study of Workers Exposed to Perfluorooctanoic Acid
Modeling the Salivary Cortisol Profile in Population Research
Comparison of Bayesian Random-Effects and Traditional Life Expectancy Estimations in Small-Area Applications
Implications of M Bias in Epidemiologic Studies
Characterizing Vaccine-associated Risks Using Cubic Smoothing Splines
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