A Note From the Editors
The New “Snippets From the Past” and a New Section About “Epidemiology in History”
Tubal Sterilization and Breast Cancer Incidence
Invited Commentary
Index-based Dietary Patterns and the Risk of Prostate Cancer in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study
Physical Activity, Occupational Sitting Time, and Colorectal Cancer Risk in the Netherlands Cohort Study
Maternal and Fetal Genetic Contributions to Postterm Birth
Parental Psychological Distress During Pregnancy and Early Growth in Preschool Children
High-Dose Supplements of Vitamins C and E, Low-Dose Multivitamins, and the Risk of Age-related Cataract
Modeling the Role of Public Transportation in Sustaining Tuberculosis Transmission in South Africa
Missing Doses in the Life Span Study of Japanese Atomic Bomb Survivors
Invited Commentary
Richardson et al. Respond to “Missing Doses in the Life Span Study”
Physical Activity Assessment
Evaluation of the Body Adiposity Index in a Caucasian Population
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