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The 2014 Surgeon General's Report
Measles Epidemics of Variable Lethality in the Early 20th Century
Latent Class Models in Diagnostic Studies When There is No Reference Standard—A Systematic Review
Associations Between Inflammatory and Immune Response Genes and Adverse Respiratory Outcomes Following Exposure to Outdoor Air Pollution
A Case-Control Study of Long-Term Exposure to Ambient Volatile Organic Compounds and Lung Cancer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Invited Commentary
Villeneuve et al. Respond to “Impact of Air Pollution on Lung Cancer”
Ambient Fine Particulate Matter, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Term Birth Weight in New York, New York
Mortality Displacement as a Function of Heat Event Strength in 7 US Cities
Associations of Mammographic Dense and Nondense Areas and Body Mass Index With Risk of Breast Cancer
Sleep Duration and Survival Percentiles Across Categories of Physical Activity
No Rise in Incidence but Geographical Heterogeneity in the Occurrence of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis in North East England
A Hierarchical Frailty Model for Familial Testicular Germ-Cell Tumors
Epidemiologic Implications of Asymptomatic Reinfection
Assessing Natural Direct and Indirect Effects Through Multiple Pathways
Construct Validation of 4 Food-Environment Assessment Methods
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