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Chlordecone Exposure, Length of Gestation, and Risk of Preterm Birth
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Kadhel et al. Respond to “Interpreting Exposure Biomarkers in Pregnancy”
Birth Weight, Physical Morbidity, and Mortality
The Combined Relationship of Occupational and Leisure-Time Physical Activity With All-Cause Mortality Among Men, Accounting for Physical Fitness
Social Relationships and Longitudinal Changes in Body Mass Index and Waist Circumference
Racial Differences in Gout Incidence in a Population-Based Cohort
First-Morning Urinary Melatonin and Breast Cancer Risk in the Guernsey Study
The Role of Sleepiness, Sleep Disorders, and the Work Environment on Heavy-Vehicle Crashes in 2 Australian States
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Palermo et al. Respond to “Disclosure of Gender-Based Violence”
Assessing Risk Prediction Models Using Individual Participant Data From Multiple Studies
The Control Outcome Calibration Approach for Causal Inference With Unobserved Confounding
Accounting for Outcome Misclassification in Estimates of the Effect of Occupational Asbestos Exposure on Lung Cancer Death
A Comparison of Confounding Adjustment Methods for Assessment of Asthma Controller Medication Effectiveness
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