The Thompson-McFadden Commission and Joseph Goldberger
The Relationship Between Obesity and Exposure to Light at Night
Invited Commentary
Changes in Body Weight and Health-Related Quality of Life
Childhood Social Disadvantage, Cardiometabolic Risk, and Chronic Disease in Adulthood
Estimating the Time Interval Between Exposure to the World Trade Center Disaster and Incident Diagnoses of Obstructive Airway Disease
Individual Joblessness, Contextual Unemployment, and Mortality Risk
Body Mass Index Categories in Observational Studies of Weight and Risk of Death
The Cerebrospinal Fluid HIV Risk Score for Assessing Central Nervous System Activity in Persons With HIV
Adjustment for Missing Confounders in Studies Based on Observational Databases
Correcting for Optimistic Prediction in Small Data Sets
A “Roziah” by Any Other Name
Quantile Regression—Opportunities and Challenges From a User's Perspective
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