A Systematic Appraisal of Field Synopses in Genetic Epidemiology : A HuGE Review
A Disadvantaged Advantage in Walkability : Findings From Socioeconomic and Geographical Analysis of National Built Environment Data in the United States
Invited Commentary : History of Place, Life Course, and Health Inequalities—Historical Geographic Information Systems and Epidemiologic Research
Dr. King Responds to “History of Place, Life Course, and Health Inequalities”
Trends in Diabetes Incidence Among 7 Million Insured Adults, 2006–2011 : The SUPREME-DM Project
Risk Factors for Acquisition and Clearance of Oral Human Papillomavirus Infection Among HIV-Infected and HIV-Uninfected Adults
Fragmentation and Stability of Circadian Activity Rhythms Predict Mortality : The Rotterdam Study
Mediation Analysis With Intermediate Confounding : Structural Equation Modeling Viewed Through the Causal Inference Lens
Additive Interaction in the Presence of a Mismeasured Outcome
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