Urinary Melatonin Concentration and the Risk of Breast Cancer in Nurses' Health Study II
Chronic Exposure of Grandparents to Poverty and Body Mass Index Trajectories of Grandchildren
Systematic Assessment of the Correlations of Household Income With Infectious, Biochemical, Physiological, and Environmental Factors in the United States, 1999–2006
One-Year Routine Opportunistic Screening for Hypertension in Formal Medical Settings and Potential Improvements in Hypertension Awareness Among Older Persons in Developing Countries
Validation of Secondary Data Sources to Identify Parkinson Disease Against Clinical Diagnostic Criteria
Selecting on Treatment
A Cautionary Note About Estimating Effects of Secondary Exposures in Cohort Studies
Validation of Family Cancer History Data in High-Risk Families
Methods for Community Public Health Research
The Distribution of Apolipoprotein E Genotype Over The Adult Lifespan and in Relation to Country of Birth
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