Announcement of 1982 annual meeting
Stumbling Blocks to Medicoloegal Investigators
To be or not to be a medical examiner/forensic pathologist
Calcification of the mitral annulus and its complications
Arcus senilis
An expanding .25 ACP bullet
Renal Changes in Selenium-exposed fish
The identification of Linda Agostini
Identification of the remains of John Paul Jones
New aluminum-jacketed ammunition
Vaginal, rectal, and oral acid phosphatase determination in a case of rape
High acid phosphatase levels as a possible false indicator of the presence of seminal fluid
Deadly force
Forensic medicine in Turkey
Preparation of gelatin blocks containing tissue smaples for use in ballistics research
Forensic science laboratories in America
Introduction to Forensic Toxicology
Law, Medicine and Forendic Science (3rd ed.)
Alcohol, other Drugs; and Violent Death
Ballistic Materials and Penetration Mechanics
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Forensic Odontology
Exploding Bullets