Toxicology and forensic pathology-An interaction (Chemical)?
Current Coundrums Facing Forensic Pathologists and Toxicologists
Vitreous humor mangnesium in alcoholics
Histopathological changes in selenium-exposed fish
Fatal retropleural hematoma complicating internal jugular vein catheterization
Homicide in childhood
Injuries sustained from high-velovity impact with water after jumps from high bridges
Determination of ABO(H) blood group specific substances from fingernails
Death in the desert
Intoxication by aspirin and alcohol in a child
Accidental death by gasoline ingestion
Lead poisoning from hair spray ingestion
A fatal case of lead poisoning due to a retained bullet
Questionable traumatic deaths and their assessment
Two bite marks on assailant
Boot top fractures in pedestrains
Detection of marihuana use by GC/MS analysis of mouth swabs
Forensic Sciences, Volumes I-III
Puerto Rico-9th International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs, and Traffic Safety
Agent Orange
Agent Orange
Agent Orange