The untapped Resource–The Forensic and General Autopsy
The Environment and Forensic Scientist
Alexander O. Gettler (1883–1983)
Alexander O. Gettler (1883–1968)
Dr. Alexander O. Gettler's documentation of a radiation hazard
Biologic response to environmental toxins
Environmental hazards of interest to the forensic pathologist
Agent Orange
Reye's syndrome
History of environmental pathology
Accidental hanging in autoeroticism
A male with autoerotic asphyxia syndrome
Sexual abuse and death of an elderly lady by “fisting”
A case of suicidal ligature strangulation
Rapid comparison of bite marks by xerography
Changing legal standards for proof of causation in hazardous waste tort cases
The Food and Drug Administration as a source of information for health professionals
A century of forensic teachings research and medicolegal assistance in Iasi-Romania
The MECAP Project