Medicolegal (Forensic) Examinations
Drug automatism
Postmortem blood concentrations of parent tricyclic antidepressant (TCA) drugs in 11 cases of suicide
The kind of plaque that underlies a coronary thrombus
Classification of human breast morphology important to bite mark investigation
An examination of the psychological aspects of bite marks
Difference between in vivo and postmortem distances between anterior chest and heart surface
The behavior of the expanding point .25 ACP ammunition in the human body
Forensic aspects of Aboriginal skeletal remains in Australia
The history of the forensic application in radiology
Homicidal intoxications by lye- and parachlorcresol-containing disinfectants
Sudden infant death with congenital cytomegalic inclusion disease
A case report of unusual complication
Confusing wounds of entrance and exit with an unusual weapon
Medicolegal autopsies in India
Self-inflicted ocular injuries
Medicolegal system in Greece
Happenings in Odontology—1983
Suicide by Three Shots with Different Muzzle to Target Distances
Shored Gunshot Wounds
Editor's Note
Autoerotic Fatalities.