Medicolegal Investigations in Hospital Environments
Fatal Accidents and Blood Ethanol Levels in Adolescents and Adults
Road Crash Cervical Injuries
Accidental Railway-Related Fatalities
The Fallacy of the Simultaneous Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in Twins
Multiple Homicides
Postmortem Cerebrospinal Fluid Pleocytosis
Clustering of Multiple Sclerosis in Galion, Ohio, 1982-1985
Pesticide Mortality
Narcolepsy Mimicking Suicidal Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Immolation After Drinking Kerosene
Fetal Skull Fracture from an Automobile Accident
Asphyxiation by Glottic Impaction of Nasal Secretions
Necrotizing Fasciitis: A Fatal Outcome Following Minor Trauma
The Case of the Sitting Corpse
Sudden Death by Lepomis macrochirus (the Killer Fish)
The Podmore Case
Forensic Pathology Then and Now
Lester Adelson, M.D.
Coronary Artery Aneurysm in a 17 Year Old: A Late Complication of Kawasaki's Disease
Observations upon an Epidemic: HIV Infection in South Florida
Sudden Cardiac Death in Children
Post-mortem Distribution of Drugs
Acute Adrenal Insufficiency (Addisonian Crisis) Diagnosed at Autopsy
Clinical Forensic Medicine: An Untapped Resource for Forensic Pathologists
The Frequency of HIV Antibody from Postmortem Material in Rhode Island
Milton Helpern Lecture: Forensic Pathology Then and Now, Retrospect and Reflections
Impact of AIDS upon the Maryland State Medical Examiner's Office
Sudden Death of a 19-Year-Old Marine Recruit Following Exercise
The Medicolegal Examination of the Cardiac Transplant Recipient
Sudden Death in Previously Healthy Children with Wilm's Tumor: Report of Two Cases
The Silver Bullet
Investigating Garage Carbon Monoxide Deaths
Accidental Aspiration of Rubbing Alcohol
Hemorrhage in the Neck: Strangulation Versus Accidental Injury
External Versus Internal Trauma: A Study of 200 Blunt Force Trauma Fatalities
Venous Air Embolism from Head and Neck Injuries
Atlanto-occipital Disarticulation
Computer Imaging System of Forensic Pathology
The Registry of Anesthesia-Associated Deaths: Started, But in First Gear
Making Do: The Personal Computer in a Mainframe World
Suicide Attempted by Aiming Slaughtering Gun at Pacemaker
Fetal Development and Cocaine
Iatrogenic Vagina Dentata
Sudden Death due to Ketoacidosis: Medline Search
The Author's Reply
Gastric Emptying Time
New York Society of Forensic Sciences
The National Conference on Death and Injury
Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Legal Aspects of Medical Practice