A Review of Pulmonary Pathology and Mechanisms Associated with Inhalation of Freebase Cocaine (“Crack”)
Pressure Sores in a Christian Science Sanatorium
A Review of Fatal Injuries Associated with Downhill Skiing
A Review of 19 Fatal Injuries Associated with Backcountry Skiing
A Review of Fatal Bear Maulings in Alberta, Canada
Horse-Related Fatalities in the Province of Alberta, 1975–1990
A Coding Scheme for Toxicologic Data
Automation of Medical Examiner Offices
Jurisdiction on Military Installations
Misclassification of Deaths Caused by Cocaine An Assessment by Survey
Tissue Distribution of Ibuprofen in a Fatal Overdose
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Homicide with a Captive Bolt Pistol
Shotgun Pellet Embolism to the Brain
Laceration of Vertebral Artery
Homicide Offenders in Auckland, New Zealand
Fatal and Near-Fatal Autoerotic Asphyxial Episodes in Women
Accidental Deaths From Asphyxia
Survival in Hanging
Sharpening of Autopsy Tools
Esophageal-Atrial Fistula
Reye's Syndrome
Reye's Syndrome
Positional Asphyxia during Law Enforcement Transport
Death by Reverse Suspension
Two Deaths Due to Asphyxiation in a Manhole
External Beveling of an Entrance Gunshot Wound to the Skull*
External Beveling of an Entrance Gunshot Wound to the Skull