Incidence of Coronary Thrombosis in Sudden Death due to Coronary Artery Disease
Hypoplastic Coronary Artery Disease Within the Spectrum of Sudden Unexpected Death in Young and Middle Age Adults
Subendocardial Hemorrhages in Forensic Pathology Autopsies
Restraint Asphyxiation in Excited Delirium
Pathological Findings in Hanging and Wedging Deaths in Infants and Young Children
Relationship Between Postmortem Blood and Vitreous Humor Ethanol Levels
A Fatality Involving Two Unusual Compounds—Zolpidem and Acepromazine
Medium-Chain Acylcoenzyme-A Dehydrogenase Deficiency
Medicolegal Aspects of Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy
Esophageal Foreign Bodies as Child Abuse
Epidural Hematomas
Electrically Induced Deaths Involving Water Immersion
Features of Commercial Computer Software Systems for Medical Examiners and Coroners
Law and Forensic Medicine in Scotland
Death Scene Gas Analysis in Suspected Methane Asphyxia
Misclassification of Deaths Caused by Cocaine
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