Injuries Produced By Judicial Hanging A Case Report
Patterns of Facial Resuscitation Injury in Infancy
The Role of the Medical Examiner/Coroner in Organ and Tissue Procurement for Transplantation
Petechial Hemorrhages A Review of Pathogenesis
The Postmortem Incidence of Senile Ecchymoses
The Missing Link An Unusual Case of Embolization
Suicidal Asphyxia by Gas Mask
Suicide by Environmental Hypoxia (Forced Depletion of Oxygen)
Postmortem Changes in Blood Amitriptyline Concentration
Postmortem Redistribution and Degradation of Dothiepin Human Case Studies and an Animal Model
Measurements of Fentanyl and Sufentanil in Blood and Urine After Surgical Application Implication in Detection of Abuse
Interpretation of Postmortem Vaginal Acid Phosphatase Determinations
Sudden Unexpected Death in a Male Homosexual Cohort
Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood Due to Unsuspected Diabetes Mellitus
Coin-Rubbing Injuries
Endotoxemia in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Letters to the Editor
Oleo Capsicum (O.C.)
Dailey's Notes on Blood, 2nd Edition