DNA Typing in Forensic Science : I. Theory and Background
Destructive Hostility : The Jeffrey Dahmer Case
The Investigation of Fatal Falls and Jumps from Heights in Maryland (1987–1992)
Flow Cytometric Evaluation of DNA Degradation : A Predictor of Postmortem Interval?
Age Estimation Using Dental Periapical Radiographic Parameters : A Review and Comparative Study of Clinically Based and Regression Models with the Operation Desert Storm Victims
Zulu Zip-Guns and an Unusual Murder
Primer Residues Deposited by Handguns
Racial and Ethnic Patterns in Firearms Deaths
A Century of Forensic Service in Bulgaria
An Unusual Case of Maternal-Fetal Death Due to Vaginal Insufflation of Cocaine
Homicidal Strangulation by Victim's Own Hair Presenting As Natural Death
Homicide-Associated Burning in Cape Town, South Africa
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Subendocardial Hemorrhages
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