Backspatter on the Firearm and Hand in Experimental Close-Range Gunshots to the Head
The Seromuscular Tear and Other Intestinal Lesions in the Seatbelt Syndrome: A Clinical and Pathologic Study of 29 Cases
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Immunohistochemical Study of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Expression for Age Determination of Cutaneous Wounds
Chelating Resin-Based Extraction of DNA from Dental Pulp and Sex Determination from Incinerated Teeth with Y-Chromosomal Alphoid Repeat and Short Tandem Repeats
Personal Identification from Human Remains by Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing
Penetration of a Piece of World War II Rifle Grenade Initially Suspected as a Stab Wound
Fatal Splenic Arterial Aneurysmal Rupture Associated with Chronic Pancreatitis
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