Identification Procedures as a Part of Death Investigation in Turkey
Fracture of the Cricoid as a Potential Pointer to Homicide
Death Caused by Cardioinhibitory Reflex
Intracranial Self-Stabbing
Reduction in Purkinje Fiber Number in Rats Undergone Fatal Electrocution
Sexual Assault Documentation Program
Sudden Cardiac Death
The Forensic Radiographer
The Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque
Postmortem Hydroxychloroquine Concentrations in Nontoxic Cases
Suicidal Single Gunshot Injury to the Head
Behavior of Expelled Glass Fragments During Projectile Penetration and Perforation of Glass
A Serious Medicolegal Problem After Surgery
Sudden Death Associated With Meigs Syndrome
Two Cases of Firearm Grip Impressions on the Hands of Suicide Victims
Huffing Air Conditioner Fluid
Case Report of Fatal Complication in Prostatic Cryotherapy
Vehicle-Assisted Decapitation
Vertebral Artery Dissection Complicating Occipital Injection of Heparin for Treatment of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
An Uncommon Delayed Sequela After Pressure on the Neck
Secondary Missile Injury From Lightning Strike
Motor Vehicle–Assisted Ligature Strangulation Causing Complete Decapitation
Multiple Nails in the Brain
Fatal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage During Sexual Activity
Unexpected Double Lethal Oleander Poisoning
One-in-a-Million Shot
Sudden Death Due to Cerebral Leukemic Hemorrhage Occurring After Acupuncture Treatment for Gingival Bleeding
Delayed Left Anterior and Middle Cerebral Artery Hemorrhagic Infarctions After Attempted Strangulation
Circumflex Artery From the Right Coronary Sinus
Fatal Air Embolism During Renal Dialysis
The Increase in the User Rate of Child Seats Is Clearly an Important Factor in the Decreases in the Rates of Death and Serious Injury
Radiographic Examination Using an X-ray Tunnel (Passagix) Before a Forensic Autopsy
Unusual Death by Rubber Bullet
When Doctors Kill