Report of the Multisociety Task Force on GI Training
Usefulness of Impedance Testing in the Management of GERD
A Balancing View
Medical Quality
Aneuploidy and Overexpression of Ki67 and p53 as Markers for Neoplastic Progression in Barrett's Esophagus
One Small Step for Metaplasia, but One Giant Leap for Biomarkers Is Needed
Complete Barrett's Eradication Endoscopic Mucosal Resection
Resecting or Burning
Quality of Life in GERD and Barrett's Esophagus Is Related to Gender and Manifestation of Disease
Genotypic and Functional Roles of IL-1B and IL-1RN on the Risk of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Subcardial 24-h Wireless pH Monitoring in Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Patients With and Without Hiatal Hernia Compared With Healthy Subjects
Esophageal Pressure Topography Criteria Indicative of Incomplete Bolus Clearance
Direct Peroral Cholangioscopy Using an Ultra-Slim Upper Endoscope for the Treatment of Retained Bile Duct Stones
The Utility of Capsule Endoscopy in Patients With Suspected Crohn's Disease
Epidemiology of HCV Infection in the General Population
Repeat Radiofrequency Ablation Provides Survival Benefit in Patients With Intrahepatic Distant Recurrence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Immunomodulators Are Associated With a Lower Risk of First Surgery Among Patients With Non-Penetrating Non-Stricturing Crohn's Disease
Maintenance Treatment With Azathioprine in Ulcerative Colitis
Relationship of C-Reactive Protein With Clinical Response After Therapy With Ustekinumab in Crohn's Disease
Isotretinoin Is Not Associated With Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Efficacy of the 5-HT1A Agonist Tandospirone Citrate in Improving Symptoms of Patients With Functional Dyspepsia
Quantification of Dental Erosions in Patients With GERD Using Optical Coherence Tomography Before and After Double-Blind, Randomized Treatment With Esomeprazole or Placebo
Continuing Medical Education
Natural History of Acute Pancreatitis
Continuing Medical Education Questions
Clusterin in Stool
Diagnostic Ionizing Radiation Exposure in a Population-Based Sample of Children With Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Investigation of Reported Associations Between the 20q13 and 21q22 Loci and Pediatric-Onset Crohn's Disease in Canadian Children
Continuing Medical Education: November 2009
Clinical Effects of Colonic Cleansing for General Health Promotion
Continuing Medical Education Questions: November 2009
Pouch vs. No Pouch Following Total Gastrectomy
Questions Regarding Use of Infliximab and Risk of Certain Viral Infections
Response to El-Matary
Was It Really an “Ugly” Meta-Analysis?
Response to Fuccio et al.
Combination of Endoscopic Band Ligation With Terlipressin Is Better Than That With Octreotide in Shortening Hospital Stay?
Response to Gin-Ho Lo
Eosinophilic Esophagitis in GERD Patients
Serum Alanine Aminotransferase, Metabolic Syndrome, and Cardiovascular Disease in an Australian Population
Statins and Colorectal Cancer
Which End Point Is More Comprehensive in Reflecting Changes in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Trials?
Hepatitis With Cholestasis Caused by Rivastigmine Transdermal Patch
A Rare Cause of Upper GI Bleeding
A Rare Case of Duodenal Immunoglobulin M Infiltration in a Patient With Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Giant Gastroduodenal Trichobezoar
An Uncommon Complication of Savary Gilliard Dilation
Is It Appropriate to Redo the Endoscopic Examination to Confirm the Position of an Endoscopically Placed Nasoenteral Feeding Tube?
Collagenous Colitis and Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Severe Cutaneous Psoriasis After Certolizumab Pegol Treatment
Long-Term Complications of Endoscopic Biliary Sphincterotomy for Choledocholithiasis
Endoscopic Repair of Post-Polypectomy Colonic Perforation
Multiple “Apple-Core” Lesions in Chronic Ischemic Colitis
An Unusual Case of Mirizzi's Syndrome
Giant Inflammatory Polyposis of the Cecum With Repeated Intussusception in Ulcerative Colitis
Topical Ankaferd Blood Stopper Administration to Bleeding Gastrointestinal Carcinomas Decreases Tumor Vascularization
A Case of Difficult-to-Treat Autoimmune Hepatitis Successfully Managed by TNF-α Blockade