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Geriatric Mental Health Services Research
A Pilot Program of Improved Methods for Community-Based Screening for Dementia
Diagnostic Criteria for Dementia With Lewy Bodies Reconsidered
Factor Structure of the Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia for Anglo and Hispanic Patients With Dementia
Comparison of Desipramine and Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy in the Treatment of Elderly Outpatients With Mild-to-Moderate Depression
Functional Disability and Neuroticism as Predictors of Late-Life Depression
Relationship of Family and Personal History to the Occurrence of Depression in Persons With Alzheimer's Disease
Heart Rate Variability in Elderly Patients Before and After Electroconvulsive Therapy
Treatment Outcome in Suicidal vs. Non-Suicidal Elderly Patients
Executive Dysfunction and Disability in Elderly Patients With Major Depression
Variation Among Aging Alcoholic Patients in Treatment
Antipsychotic Treatment of Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia in Geropsychiatric Inpatients
Methylphenidate Augmentation of Citalopram in Elderly Depressed Patients
Olanzapine-Induced Respiratory Failure
Uses of Intravenous Valproate in Geriatric Psychiatry
Cerebellar Perfusion Abnormalities Correlated With Change in Cognitive and Affective State in a 78-Year-Old Man
Are Primary Care Physicians Able to Assess Dementia? An Estimation of Their Capacity After a Short-Term Training Program in Rural Crete
Late-Life Depression and Metabolic Factors
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