Theme Issue : Suicidal Behaviors in Older Adults
Respectful Decisions at the End of Life
The Illusion of Patient Choice in End-of-Life Decisions
Methodological Aspects of Comparative Research in the Epidemiology of Alzheimer Disease
Religion, Senescence, and Mental Health : The End of Life Is Not the End of Hope
Risk Factors for Late-Life Suicide : A Prospective, Community-Based Study
Access to Firearms and Risk for Suicide in Middle-Aged and Older Adults
Suicidal and Death Ideation in Older Primary Care Patients With Depression, Anxiety, and At-Risk Alcohol Use
Cognitive Functioning and Geriatric Suicide Ideation : Testing a Mediational Model
Suicidality in Older African Americans : Findings From the EPOCH Study
Psychiatric Disorders Among Bereaved Persons : The Role of Perceived Circumstances of Death and Preparedness for Death
Predictors of Two-Year Mortality in a Prospective “UPBEAT” Study of Elderly Veterans With Comorbid Medical and Psychiatric Symptoms
Treatment of Homebound Mentally Ill Elderly Patients : The Multidisciplinary Psychiatric Mobile Team
Valproate-Induced Hyperammonemia as a Cause of Altered Mental Status
How to Survive Your Aging Parents, 2nd Edition
Alcohol Problems in Older Adults : Prevention and Management
The Family and Community Life of Older People : Social Networks and Social Support in Three Urban Areas
Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences, 5th Edition
Alzheimer Disease, Serotonin Systems, and Tryptophan Depletion
Sertraline-Related Night Sweats
Suicide and Alzheimer Disease