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Entering the 14th Year: The AJGP Continues to Grow
Successful Aging
Definitions and Predictors of Successful Aging: A Comprehensive Review of Larger Quantitative Studies
When Blue Turns Gray: Postwarranty Performance
Successful Mental Health Aging: Results From a Longitudinal Study of Older Australian Men
Cognitive Functioning as a Predictor of Functional Disability in Later Life
Correlates of Self-Rated Successful Aging Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Adaptive Task Prioritization in Aging: Selective Resource Allocation to Postural Control Is Preserved in Alzheimer Disease
Retrospective Analysis of Diabetes Risk in Elderly Patients With Dementia in Olanzapine Clinical Trials
The Role of Cardiovascular Disease in the Identification and Management of Depression by Primary Care Physicians
Antidepressant Class and Dosing Among Older Mexican Americans: Application of Geropsychiatric Treatment Guidelines
Psychosocial and Vascular Risk Factors for Depression in the Elderly