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Progress in Identifying Risk and Protective Factors in Older Suicidal Adults
Vascular Cognitive Impairment
Suicide Among Older Psychiatric Inpatients: An Evidence-Based Study of a High-Risk Group
The Development and Initial Validation of the Geriatric Suicide Ideation Scale
Future Orientation and Suicide Ideation and Attempts in Depressed Adults Ages 50 and Over
Social Support and Suicidal Ideation in Older Adults Using Home Healthcare Services
Quetiapine Treatment of Psychosis Associated With Dementia: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial
Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Elderly Patients in Primary Care
Vascular Nutritional Correlates of Late-Life Depression
Cardiovascular Changes Associated With Venlafaxine in the Treatment of Late-Life Depression
Paroxetine Treatment of Primary Insomnia in Older Adults