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Aging Well
Genome Survey for Loci That Influence Successful Aging: Results at 10-cM Resolution
Building Blocks of Successful Aging: A Focus Group Study of Older Adults’ Perceived Contributors to Successful Aging
Premorbid Personality and Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms in Probable Alzheimer Disease
The Clinical Significance of Subsyndromal Depression in Older Primary Care Patients
Epidemiology of Social Phobia in Later Life
Mastery and Neuroticism Predict Recovery of Depression in Later Life
Cognitive Predictors of Mortality in Elderly Retirees: Results From the Freedom House Study
Aging Gracefully: A Retrospective Analysis of Functional Status in Okinawan Centenarians
The Impact of Autobiographic Writing on Memory Performance in Older Adults: A Preliminary Investigation
Scared to Death: Results From the Health, Aging, and Body Composition Study
Possible Role of Unsaturated Fatty Acids in a 14-Day Healthy Longevity Lifestyle Program
Dr. Small Replies