Neuroimaging and Geriatric Psychiatry: The Story of an Interdisciplinary Science and Mental Illness in the Elderly
Three-Dimensional Surface Mapping of the Caudate Nucleus in Late-Life Depression
Brain Lithium Levels and Effects on Cognition and Mood in Geriatric Bipolar Disorder: A Lithium-7 Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study
Modulation of a Human Memory Circuit by Subsyndromal Depression in Late Life: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
Altered Functioning of the Executive Control Circuit in Late-Life Depression: Episodic and Persistent Phenomena
Schizophrenia Patients Lack Normal Positive Correlation Between Age and Brain Response During Verbal Learning
The Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale and the Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia: A Validation Study With Patients Exhibiting Early-Onset Dementia
Willingness to Participate in Alzheimer Disease Research and Attitudes Towards Proxy-Informed Consent: Results From the Health and Retirement Study
Incidence and Documentation of Cognitive Impairment Among Older Adults With Severe Mental Illness in a Community Mental Health Setting
Disclosure of Competing Interests (2009)
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