Psychiatric Aspects of Nonpsychiatric Disorders in Older Adults
Pain and Its Relationship to Depression in Parkinson Disease
Is Family History of Depression a Risk Factor for Poststroke Depression? Meta-Analysis
Aging, Neurocognition, and Medication Adherence in HIV Infection
Apathy Predicts More Severe Parkinsonism in Alzheimer's Disease
Engagement in Persons With Dementia: The Concept and Its Measurement
Patterns of Mild Cognitive Impairment After Treatment of Depression in the Elderly
Visual Hallucinations in Dementia: A Prospective Community-Based Study With Autopsy
The Patient Health Questionnaire 8: Current Depressive Symptoms Among U.S. Older Adults, 2006 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Personality Traits Influence Clinical Outcome in Day Hospital-Treated Elderly Depressed Patients
Depression, Cognition, Apolipoprotein E Genotype: Latent Class Approach to Identifying Subtype
A Combination Therapy of Donepezil and Cilostazol for Patients With Moderate Alzheimer Disease: Pilot Follow-Up Study
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