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Genetic Biomarkers for Dementia-Related Processes: How Close are the Authors?
Knowledge, Detection, and Reporting of Abuse by Health and Social Care Professionals: A Systematic Review
Serotonergic System Genes in Psychosis of Alzheimer Dementia: Meta-Analysis
Influence of the MTHFR C677T Polymorphism on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Hyperintensity Volume and Cognition in Geriatric Depression
The Association Between Delirium and the Apolipoprotein E Epsilon 4 Allele: New Study Results and a Meta-Analysis
Dimensions Underlying the Mini-Mental State Examination in a Sample With Low-Education Levels: The Bambuí Health and Aging Study
Self-Reported Pain in Persons With Dementia Predicts Subsequent Decreased Psychosocial Functioning
Change in Cognitive Functioning Following Acute Antidepressant Treatment in Late-Life Depression
Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Increase the Risk of Incident Depression in Older Men: The Health in Men Study
Distress of Caregivers of Older Adults Receiving Home Care in European Countries: Results From the AgeD in HOme Care Study
Executive Function in Self-Neglecting Adult Protective Services Referrals Compared With Elder Psychiatric Outpatients
Better Cognitive Performance Associated With Worse Cardiac Functioning Suggests Antagonistic Pleiotropy in Very Elderly Subjects