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Subsyndromal Depression and Services Delivery: At a Crossroad?
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Ethnic Differences in Use of Dementia Treatment, Care, and Research
Depressive Symptoms Predict Incident Cognitive Impairment in Cognitive Healthy Older Women
Subthreshold Depression and Successful Aging in Older Women
Exergames for Subsyndromal Depression in Older Adults: A Pilot Study of a Novel Intervention
Outcomes of Subsyndromal Depression in Older Primary Care Patients
Late-Life Depressed Mood and Weight Change Contribute to the Risk of Each Other
Anticonvulsant Use, Bipolar Disorder, and Risk of Fracture Among Older Adults in the Veterans Health Administration
The Geriatric Depression Scale as a Screening Tool for Depression and Suicide Ideation: A Replication and Extention
Depression Screening in Nursing Homes: Involvement of Social Services Departments
Use of the D2/D3 Receptor Agonist Pramipexole in Treatment of Rapid-Cycling Bipolar Disorder in an Elderly Patient